Completing your graduate studies in a country outside of the Azerbaican provides a great opportunity for diversifying your studies and enhancing your employment prospects, especially in the fields of business, international affairs, and government service. Learning about other cultures, peoples, and customs will broaden your world perspective, and traveling and living abroad will challenge you personally.  Applying to graduate school abroad often differs from applying to graduate school in the different countries, schools, and programs may have different application procedures and requirements. It is therefore critical that you do your research and contact the schools you are interested in well in advance to collect all of the information that you will need for a complete and timely application.

Most Popular Graduates Studies;

Business & Economics : Programmes in business and economics provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of various business, economics, finance, management, accounting and marketing subjects.

Law: Law regulates almost all aspects in our life and is therefore of direct interest to all of us. If you like working with text, are able to think logical and enjoy problem solving this might be the right choice for you. Under law department, LLM , international law, business and corporate law, financial law or cybercrime law can be studied.

Engineering & IT Technologies: Engineering is for creators with an interest in technology and development. Engineering degrees can lead to a vast number of career opportunities, with graduates in demand in almost every sector of the economy. Therefore the demand for good new engineers is high – worldwide. 

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