South Africa lies at the southern tip of the African Continent. It is flanked in the west by the Atlantic ocean, in the south and the east by the Indian ocean, in the north by Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, and in the north-east by Mozambique and Swaziland.

South Africa covers an area of 1,127,000 square meters  nearly five times the size of the United Kingdom. South Africa is one of the most multicultural countries in the world.

Bachelor degree, undergraduate academic degree is the first step of your higher education at university or college. It usually lasts three or four years . In some countries, a bachelor degree may however take up to six years to complete. If you have just graduated from your secondary education, you will in most cases be eligible to start your bachelor education at a university, college or other qualified institution.

University graduates in South Africa - and especially postgraduate students - is an essential component of the national system of innovation of modern industrialised societies. Such graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills that underpin the modern knowledge economy and Technology, Medicine or the Social Sciences and Humanities.

High international demand for South African graduates, together with the continuing brain drain of professionals, provide an urgent imperative to increase the production of postgraduate students in order for the country to remain competitive and to be able to generate knowledge that is responsive to a wide range of societal needs.

 Presented reaffirm the pressing need to prioritise the support and funding of greater numbers of  postgraduate students and to ensure that there is a clear, easily-accessible and sought-after transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies at our higher education institutions.

A variety of student accommodation, student housing, halls of residence, student homes, student flats or student houses are available. Staying off Campus is much cheaper than staying On Campus but it is always advisable that the student should stay on campus for the first six months. This helps in building bonds with the institution.

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